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News 16-02-20
Link drainage - what does this mean?
Older couple sitting on bench next to brick wall
News 30-01-20
What is a urostomy?
Shop Optimum Shop Urology 760X760px2
News 24-01-20
Lever tap or T tap catheter bag - which is right for me?
Shop Optimum Product Image Ugo Fix Gentle 760X760px2
News 18-01-20
Do I have to use the catheter supplies I’m given?
Man on laptop overlooking garden
News 30-12-19
Urge incontinence
Stress incontinence
News 26-11-19
Stress incontinence - help & support
Yellow colour swatch
News 18-11-19
Variations in urine colour
News 14-11-19
The effect of diabetes on the bladder
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News 06-11-19
Supporting your catheter bag overnight