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People love OptiLube, and we love to hear what they have to say...

My husband has a urethral stricture which was the result of an operation he had as a child. He self catheterises once a week usually as this keeps the stricture open. He previously didn't use lubricant but found it difficult doing the procedure and kept getting water infections following. Since using OptiLube he finds it much easier and hasn't had one water infection since.

OptiLube - Jacqueline Jackson

I use OptiLube 5g sachets several times a day. I had cancer and my voice box was removed so I have to breath and voice through a hole in my neck called a stoma. I have a stoma stud which houses a filter to protect my lungs. The hole in my neck became very sore so I was unable to insert the stoma stud which as you can imagine was not ideal. I became very frustrated and down in the dumps. I was on the internet looking for something that could help me and found OptiLube. I thought this could be my saviour and how right I was. I immediately contacted Optimum Medical and they sent out a free sample of OptiLube sterile lubricating jelly. I can't thank Optimum Medical enough - OptiLube has changed my life.

OptiLube - Desmond Birch