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Ugo Hospital Leg Bags


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Ugo Hospital Leg Bags have been designed for you to use with complete confidence. For ultimate infection control, our hospital catheter bags feature wipeable backing.

For extra shhhh, our leg bags are made from soft material which won’t rustle and draw attention as you go about your day. Catheter – what catheter?

We provide a choice of T Tap or Lever Tap drainage, and short (5cm) or long (25cm) inlet tubing.

We also have a range of catheter leg bags with a comfortable fabric backing - see our Ugo Leg Bags for more information.

Product details:

  • The non-return valve positioned at the top of the bag keeps the urine inside the bag and stops it going back up the drainage pipe
  • Reinforced eyelets at the top and bottom of the bag come in handy if you want to secure your catheter leg bag using the Ugo Fix Leg Bag Straps provided in the box or with the Ugo Fix Bag Belt which can be purchased separately
  • Outlet tubing ensures a secure connection to an overnight drainage bag for problem-free overnight link drainage (see our FAQ section below for more information about link drainage)
  • Our Ugo Leg Bags are designed to securely attach to any indwelling catheter with the use of a handy stepped connector
  • If your nurse or doctor needs to take a sample, there’s a needle-free sample port to help with that
  • All our leg bags come in boxes of 10 with a single pair of Ugo Fix Leg Bag Straps with each pouch packaged leg bag
  • You’ll find a helpful user guide in the box too
  • All our leg bags can be worn with our range of fixation devices
Leg Bag Volume Tube Length Drainage Tap
Ugo 1H 500ml Short 5cm Lever
Ugo 2H 500ml Long 25cm Lever
Ugo 3H 500ml Short 5cm T Tap
Ugo 4H 500ml Long 25cm T Tap

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The Ugo Hospital Leg Bag range is a complete range of catheter leg bags developed to offer you a choice when it comes to selecting the right leg bag for you. All Ugo Leg Bags are supplied sterile and are designed to be attached directly onto your catheter.

For more information about the range of features within the Ugo Leg Bag range and how to select the right leg bag for you, download our detailed user guide here. We advise speaking to a healthcare professional before using this product.



People love our Ugo Leg Bags, and we love to hear what they have to say...

I'm particularly pleased with the Ugo Leg Bags with the short tubes because I'll be able to position those higher up, perhaps on my thigh, so I can wear my sundresses (when we get some sun that is). I can't wait to have a chance when summer arrives! The lever tap on the leg bags is much easier for my husband to be able to handle - especially having big hands and fingers. The lever tap stays closed too - that was another problem I’d encountered before with other bags.

Ugo Leg Bags - Denise Mellows