Ugo Fix Gentle
Ugo Fix Gentle
Ugo Fix Gentle
Ugo Fix Gentle
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Ugo Fix Gentle


Box of 5 clips

If only there was a product which could offer effective catheter securement yet be so incredibly gentle against your skin, you hardly knew you were wearing it.

Enter the Ugo Fix Gentle (catheter clip).

The Ugo Fix Gentle features a soft silicone re-adhesive pad with a revolving clip to securely hold your catheter, giving you complete freedom of movement. No skin preparation is required prior to use and it can be easily (and comfortably) removed and re-applied.

Compatible with all 2-way indwelling urethral catheters and suprapubic catheters, the Ugo Fix Gentle can be positioned on your thigh or your abdomen. By holding the catheter in place, it helps to reduce the risk of injury caused by your catheter moving – giving you a more comfortable experience.

Product details:

  • Compatible with all 2-way indwelling catheters
  • It’s very easy to apply, remove and reposition as there’s no complex preparation, such as shaving, and the silicone pad just simply peels off when finished
  • Unlike other catheter clips, the Ugo Fix Gentle leaves behind no sticky residue when it’s removed
  • You can keep the same catheter clip on for up to 7 days
  • The see-through silicone pad allows you to check your skin underneath
  • Ideal for use on delicate or sensitive skin
  • The Ugo Fix Gentle comes in a box of five
  • You’ll find a helpful user guide in the box too

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The Ugo Fix Gentle catheter clip is a unique device that has been specifically designed to hold your catheter in a position comfortable for you. The rotating catheter clip holds the catheter away from the skin and rotates to allow the catheter to move naturally with your body.

The silicone gel pad provides gentle but effective fixation and can be repositioned easily to provide you with maximum comfort for whatever level of activity you choose.

For more information about the Ugo Fix Gentle and how this product may benefit you, download our detailed user guide here. We advise speaking to a healthcare professional before using this product.



People love our Ugo Fix Gentle, and we love to hear what they have to say...

My wife has been using the Ugo Fix Gentle catheter clip for approximately two weeks. We have found that there is no skin damage which she was getting with other products. She loves the rotating clip feature - it ensures the leg bag is always in the right position when it's attached to her leg or when she's laying on the bed.

Ugo Fix Gentle - Dave Wickenden

Anyone who suffers with eczema knows that adhesives cause sores and make the skin dry and itchy. The Ugo Fix Gentle secures the catheter in place without adhesive, is comfortable to wear and is really easy to remove after use. I would recommend the Ugo Fix Gentle for anyone who has a skin condition like eczema.

Ugo Fix Gentle - Vicky Hills

I'm very impressed with the Ugo Fix Gentle (catheter clip). It's just so comfortable and discreet, I don't know it's there.

Ugo Fix Gentle - Nigel Moody