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Ugo Stand
Ugo Stand

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Ugo Stand with Dignity


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We get it. We know there are times when you might want to cover your 2L drainage bag and not have it on show.

That’s why we’ve created the Ugo Stand with Dignity. Our catheter night bag stand features a removable dignity cover. Whether you have the cover on or off, the choice is completely up to you!

Product details:

  • If you choose to use the cover, there is a small observation window so that your urine output can still be monitored if needed
  • Infection control is really important, which is why the design of the Ugo Stand means the drainage tap of your Ugo 2L Drainage Bag doesn’t touch the ground
  • There is a handy hook on the back of the stand so you can position it on the side of a bed or chair
  • The Ugo Stand can be manipulated so that it slots nicely between the mattress and divan, giving you even more discretion
  • We couldn’t call it the Ugo Stand if it didn’t stand up on its own, allowing you to position your overnight drainage bag anywhere you need to
  • It's made of plastic, making it extra easy to keep clean
  • You’ll find a helpful user guide in the box too
  • After repeated use over a period of time, the wear to your stand will indicate when it needs replacing. It’s important you replace your stand when this occurs as this will ensure you’re continuing to use a product which is safe and minimises the risk of infection.

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The Ugo Stand with Dignity is designed to give you options when it comes to supporting your overnight drainage bag. The Ugo Stand with Dignity can be used in a range of positions around your home or hospital.

Download our helpful user guide for more information about its many uses. We advise speaking to a healthcare professional before using this product.



People love our Ugo Stand with Dignity, and we love to hear what they have to say...

I’m so grateful that Optimum Medical have created the Ugo Stand with Dignity. The removable dignity cover features a ‘viewing strip’ so you can see how full your bag is getting without having to have anything personal on show. Thank you for giving me back my privacy and dignity – this is so important to me.

Ugo Stand - Margaret Balch